Press Release

New Firm Formed to Address Energy and Environmental Issues

Washington DC -- Government relations veterans Howard Berman, Wayne Nastri and Roseann Stevenson today announced they have formed a new government and public affairs firm, E4 Strategic Solutions, Inc., offering a full range of services across the spectrum of energy and environmental issues.  The team-based firm combines nearly 75 years of experience working with regulatory agencies, elected officials, and the legislative and executive branches at the local, state and federal level. With offices in California and Washington DC, E4 Strategic Solutions represents industry, NGO’s and municipalities, providing real solutions to complex environmental and energy issues.

E4 Strategic Solutions' Co-Presidents, Berman and Nastri, describe themselves as being highly selective about the clients they accept, preferring to operate as a small firm making a big impact.  Shoren Brown, Bristol Bay Campaign Director for Trout Unlimited, said, "We work on some of the toughest issues facing Alaska, outdoor recreation issues, and the commercial fishing industry and we use E4 Strategic Solutions because they provide invaluable environmental policy insight and advice.  Simply put, E4 produces extraordinary results while keeping a composed and professional demeanor.  Their work for Trout Unlimited has been outstanding with the US Environmental Protection Agency and other branches of the Federal Government."

Berman, who began his career as a prosecutor with New York City’s District Attorney’s Office, has for the last 25 years been working in the vanguard of government affairs at the highest levels. Berman helped start the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Criminal Enforcement where he served as Deputy Director of the Criminal Enforcement Counsel Division. He finished his tenure as the number two attorney in EPA’s criminal enforcement program. While at EPA, Berman dealt with all aspects of environmental regulation. "Our job," stated Berman, "is to educate the regulators about our clients' economic and technological dynamics and also to educate our clients about regulators' legal, political and policy dynamics."

Nastri has been at the center of some of today’s most complex and challenging environmental issues. In 2001 President George Bush appointed Nastri as chief of the US Environmental Protection Agency's Region 9 with its branch of 900 employees and authority over major programs on air, water, wetlands, and hazardous waste in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the American Pacific Islands.  "Howard and I, having both worked in management levels at EPA, bring a unique ability to helping our clients achieve a win-win solution with regulators," stated Nastri, who has also served on the Governing Board of California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District where he chaired the Technology Committee.

Stevenson has an extensive track record of successfully achieving client goals using creative strategies for environmental, health, safety, and land use issues.  She has served as Chief Deputy Director of and General Counsel to the California Office of Administrative Law and has also held senior in-house counsel positions with major energy companies.

Most recently, Nastri and Berman co-directed the Energy and Environmental Practice at mCapitol Management, a DC based government relations and lobbying firm. “Having worked well together for the past 20 years, I’m pleased to make our partnership official," stated Berman.  “I’m proud to partner with Howard and Roseann, we make an effective team for working with both sides of the aisle and agency decision makers," added Nastri.