Strategic Planning & Management

We ask and answer the critical questions needed to achieve winning results, and influence the policies and systems to support sustainable solutions.

Enforcement Resolution

Utilizing our excellent relationships with decision-makers at federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, we work with established entities to resolve regulatory compliance and enforcement issues.  

Governmental Affairs  

We work at the intersection of industry, government agencies, media, politics, and public opinion, to accelerate winning outcomes on behalf of our clients, including analysis of political and economic risk, and coalition building.



We advance our client’s issues using our knowledge and network to overcome political and regulatory challenges, whether it be non-profits seeking to start a policy dialog at the state or national level, or land developers seeking entitlements for complex land use projects.

Technology Development & Application

We work with emerging technology companies to verify, certify and deploy their technology into the marketplace.


We understand the role of effective communications to advance our client’s issues. Working with our clients, we develop communication plans to achieve their objectives by defining and framing the issues. This is especially important when dealing with multiple messages and stakeholders.